8+Hours At Work



Does sitting matters?

Yes, we sit most of the time such as in a caf� for breakfast, in a vehicle to workplace, in the office, and watching TV at home. Sitting is a daily routine activity in our life. Studies show on average, we sit about 32% in our daily lives. Some even sit up to 62% in our daily lives! From the listed activities, we may found that the longest sitting is in the workplace. Therefore, it is important to sit right during our long hours in the office and remain healthy in workplace with the right working postures starting from today.

The Liveable Office concept delivered by Oasis Design Lab emphasizes on ergonomics, wellness and wellbeing in workspace by providing healthy working posture solutions. Our adjustable furniture allows rapid and efficient changing of setup configurations based on working postures that fit you and your tasks. A healthy working posture helps to avoid strain on our spine, neck, shoulders, arm, hand and wrist. With a healthy body, we can remain highly productive in our life.


Prolonged sitting for hours in an office working environment is likely to bring harm to your body. Get your body to move to minimize body strain/fatigue by changing working postures is the best remedy. Oasis Design Lab has collaborated with ergonomists to provide office furniture that allow users to alternate between 3 working postures and keep our body in a healthy manner.

Posture 1: THE SIT

Although excessive sitting is bad for our body, but sitting is important for us when we need to take a rest and when we need intense concentration during work. Therefore, the right sitting position is important in protecting our body from strain. Sitting posture is improved with ergonomic features chair that can be adjusted according to individual�s body height and size. Adjustable seat height, lumbar, armrest and headrest are essential in providing healthy sitting posture.

The sit with height adjustable table and ergonomic chair

Posture 2: THE STAND

Taking a stand during office work is a good work habit as it improves our entire body posture, increases blood flow, increases alertness and helps to stay fresh. In addition, standing will also prevent our upper body from hunching our shoulders forward to do our work. With the support of height adjustable table, the stand setup is easy achieved. Just set the table surface to your standing elbow height, and you are set to work.

The stand with height adjustable table

Posture 3: THE 120В� SITTING

Another alternative sitting posture that is healthy to our body is when the angle between the spine and thigh is 120В� (like riding a horse). Sitting at 120В� makes our spine automatically in the upright position and there is no need for lumbar support. Addition advantages of 120В� sitting, it prevents us from hunching our shoulders forward to do our work and helps us to stand up with ease. Changing of postures from 120В� sitting to standing is easy, creating more body movements during work.

The Liveable Office concept allows the 120В� sitting position with the support of height adjustable table, and sit-to-stand chair or lean stool. Our sit-to-stand chair comes with waterfall front seat edge that can support 120В� sitting. The waterfall front seat is smooth enough to provide a comfortable sitting and the chair will not be sliding backward. When you are in 120В� sitting position, set the table surface to your elbow height, place your stuffs closer to front edge of the table and avoid hunching forward to work.

The 120В� sitting with height adjustable table and sit-to-stand chair

The 120В� sitting with height adjustable table and lean stool

It is healthy work habits to alternate our working postures between the 120� sitting, the stand and the sit with duration of 30 minutes for each posture. Our body deserves a better working environment for better future. Today�s practice determines tomorrow�s health. Let�s stay healthy in workplace with the right working postures start from today!