Oasis & You

With the concern and passion about the Activity Based Working office solution, Oasis has been office furniture solution provider for dynamic spaces since 1998. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Oasis growth, and we would like to deliver our gratitude to all the business partners. Along the journey, we have gained a lot of feedbacks and knowledge from our supportive partners that contributed to our growth and as today, our partners have grown and require various needs and wants. In order to continue support our partners, we have been researching and developing higher performance value solutions to benefit users, creating wealth together.

Oasis� business model that emphasize on the framework of partnership continues to serve as a platform for us to deliver the effective and efficient programs, products and services for all our existing as well as future partners. Oasis will continue to serve using our core competencies as a manufacturer, supporting various partners including Architects, Design Consultants, Design and Build, Interior Designers, Fit-out Project Management as well as Facility Managers, creating abundant wealth and prosperity together with all the partners. We are excited in delivering more solutions to more partners; extending “Work gets easier now” solution to more users!

Oasis Philosophy

The new way of thinking for the ongoing revolution of offices today towards an Activity Based Working office by the unique blend of People, Place and Technology together. Boosting performance, efficiency and innovation through an agile environment that foster immersive flow experience by delivering from wellness to wellbeing for everyone, everywhere.

From Wellness to Wellbeing

Understanding the importance of wellness and wellbeing in office, Oasis Design Lab has developed a solution based on the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs framework.

Office wellness consists of both physiological as well as safety needs. These are the basic needs of an office such as adequate lighting, temperature comfort, movement comfort, air quality, reasonable noise level, sufficient privacy, ergonomics as well as safety. Only when an employee�s wellness needs are met can they begin to think about the kinds of things that foster engagement.

While office wellbeing covers the area of belonging, esteem and self-actualization which shape the top of the pyramid. One of the fundamental ways to integrate a sense of belonging into workplace is to make it easy for people to connect, enhancing the flow of movement from individual to group activities, and from private to shared spaces. Creating an inviting collaboration space within workplace able to foster unplanned interactions.

Building rapport and trust in workplace is important in fulfilling employees� esteem needs. Applying glass walls in rooms able to reinforce transparency within the organization. Enhancing self-worth and respect in the organization by providing pod to support personal one-on-one training session.

When all the needs are being met from physiological, safety, belonging, to esteem, employee will begin to search for self-actualization fulfillment. In order to support employees to reach self-actualization fulfillment, power of choice and autonomy can be provided. An example is to offer various types of workspace for employees to choose from when they planning for their next task.

In delivering the innovative workplace, Oasis Design Lab holds on to the Activity Based Working (ABW) office philosophy. ABW is based on the principle to provide employees with a variety of predetermined activity areas that allow them to conduct specific tasks including, focus, collaborate, learn and socialize. Besides, ABW also reorganize the workplace to enable employees to be more productive and collaborative. ABW breaks down the knowledge silos group with legacy role-based working environments and empowers more people to work on projects that require cross-functional skills.



It�s about people. Research shows that happy, healthy and engaged employees have higher efficiency and performance. Different generations (retiring baby boomers, generation x, generation y, incoming generation z and expat upsurge) at work and different departments have different working behaviors. What are their needs and wants?

A right workplace strategy not only will enhance employee wellbeing but also organizational performance. Oasis Design Lab study how people work, and providing the best solution to support employees for immersive flow experience.


How people work, where they want to work. Offering the right space for the right activity is important in delivering an effective workplace. An example is to provide the right openness for different activities such as workpod for high concentration focus work and phonebooth offers privacy to make uninterrupted phone calls.


Employees are empowered with technology to enable them to succeed in the environment, allowing collaboration work wherever they may go. Integrating the right technology into various spaces foster information flow, enhancing office efficiency.

With these philosophies, Oasis aims to deliver an immersive flow experience workplace to users. Flow is when an individual or a group of people entering a state of optimal experience hence enjoying the task that they are doing. By creating a workplace that supports immersive flow, employees are able to be completely involved in the moment, performing their tasks in being 5 times more productive and efficient. Study shown that some changes within the employees when they are in the immersive flow experience are increasing mental ability, heightened attention, and the ability to shorten the path to mastery. In another word, being in the immersive flow experience is the happiness in super focus. Work environment that foster flow will help the employees to find the flow. Therefore, Oasis Design Lab has been developing series of ABW office solutions in order for the organizations to find the flow.