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The newest on the liveable office.

With constant research and improvement to catch up with the market's lifestyle changes, OASiS has launched the newest findings on the liveable office. This time round, OASiS is moving towards a purposeful workspace derived from the flawless blend between workspace, co-worker and work. We believe the relationship of the three aspects brings an important impact on business growth and sustainability.

How shall we blend them together?


Workspace planning plays in important role in creating the liveable office. Co-workers yearn for harmony in their workspace and this is what makes them thrive. OASiS Health & Wellness Design Group drew an inspiration that create the sense of "life" within a space by integrating the element of greater possibilities, more opportunities for interaction and smarter use of resources into the purposeful workspace.

Having greater possibilities in workspace planning helps minimizing real estate footprint in offices today. Many workspaces only offer a 20-seater general meeting room as team discussion support; however, the room would not always be fully utilized as they only support formal presentation and large group meeting. Therefore, the types of collaboration and group setting should be highlighted as teams need various collaborative possibilities such as impromptu, casual and structured collaboration throughout the day.

Besides, as the new technology allows people to work anytime, anywhere, assigned workstations are unoccupied most of the time; creating a shift in trend from assigned seats to shared work pods. The privacy in shared work pods benefits co-workers to focus, think and even rejuvenate in a quiet workspace.

What's more, having an agile workspace that supported by agile furniture increases flexibility of workspace. Isn't it cool to have a workspace that can catch up with office layout changes over the time? Worry no more about the bulky furniture that may be a stumbling block for workplace transformation ideas. The liveable office provides various purposeful workspace settings in order to cater the needs of different people and work.

Creating more opportunities for interaction in workspace encourage more connectivity. The liveable office transforms the required journey from point A to point B into a purposeful connective workspace for co-workers to interact with one another.

Other than that, various companies often do not recognize their resources well and end up in wastage. It is important to recognize and use the resources in a smart way. The right technology and furniture should be applied in the appropriate workspace to greater support work activities.


Creating the right liveable workspace helps co-workers in getting more creative, more connected and also more engaged. The liveable office allows co-worker to rejuvenate in the midst of their busy schedule. Being able to re-energize in the workspace helps in refreshing and renewing the mind, taking a break from the usual ways of thinking helps in opening the mind to new ideas and experiences. What's more, new perspective helps in boosting the creativity sky high.

Mindfulness in the liveable office allows co-workers to immerse themselves in the present moments, rather than being preoccupied or "lost" in other thoughts. Staying present-focus helps in reducing stress, allowing co-worker to be calmer and more relaxed thus creating stronger connection.

Other than that, the liveable office also provides the fundamental needs of wellness and wellbeing to co-workers, ranging from physiological, safety, belonging, esteem and self-actualization. Fulfilling those needs is essential in providing an engaging workspace for co-workers.


How do businesses grow and sustain?

Businesses grow and sustain from great productivity, great efficiency and great innovation at work. The liveable office by OASiS Health & Wellness Design Group aims to drive out the best of business in terms of work from the improvement of workspace and co-worker.

Great productivity is essential in ensuring the output of the product or services of a business. Most of the business measures performance based on the productivity. Other than productivity, efficiency of a business is the next thing that we would look at. Efficiency covers every aspect of the business which includes finance to human resource, and from production to distribution. Productivity increases the overall efficiency of a business. When the efficiency increases, the resources are being utilized to the optimum level.

Great innovation is crucial in bringing business to a new level. Innovation includes business' new ideas, workflows, methodologies, products and services. Blending in the new concept and ideas give business an opportunity to transform and stay competitive in the market.
Where do the ideas come from?

The ideas certainly come from the co-workers who get more creative, more connected and more engaged to the business from the purposeful workspace architectural element-THE LIVEABLE OFFICE.