8+Hours At Work




Today, we all live in a big global village. People come in all shapes and sizes. Walk through the offices of just about any company and you'll see people of vastly different sizes and proportions which is a true multi- national corporation. A place we all work together for better performance, leading to innovative future.

However, when walking through the office, we can easily notice diminutive workers whose feet barely touch the floor, as well as more lanky colleagues with knees awkwardly extended well beyond the front edge of their chairs. Working in an office typically involves spending a great deal of time sitting in an office chair вЂ´┐Ża position that adds stress to the structures in the spine. Therefore, to avoid developing or compounding back problems, it's important to have an office chair that's ergonomic and that supports the lower back and promotes good posture.

Regardless which races you belong to, which country you come from, there is always a chair that understands you in details, accompanying you to face daily challenges.

Your chair, your loyal partner, will always give your full supports such as:

  1. Natural S-curve of your spine.
  2. Lumbar adjustment for better fit your lower back L1 to L5.
  3. Be easily adjusted in both seat height and height and tilt of the back to suit different working positions.
  4. Allow you freedom of movement and easy changes in posture.
  5. Provide long-term comfort.
  6. Help you adopt safe, efficient working positions.
  7. Prevent any restriction of the circulation of the blood in the legs.

With your loyal partner, you will be encouraged increased productivity and higher work quality, improve health and safety and job satisfaction and reduce the time lost at work.