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How to ensure your office works?


How to ensure your office works?

Offices in the last decade consist of open plan office concept. Moving from the traditional hierarchical structures and working in the lonely cubicle, open plan office concept sounds great in improving the organization collaboration. However, open plan office concept might not be working for everyone.

So, how can you fully utilize your space, and ensure everyone is working with high performance, high productivity and high innovation?

The Open Office Concept � Is it good enough?

The answer would be NO, as�

Open Office Decreases Productivity

Studies show that there is a drop of 32% in employee�s wellbeing and a drop of 15% in productivity for general open office worker and only 6.5% of the surveyed expressed that an open plan office concept was productive.

Why is that so?

Privacy is Important

A study on 10,500 workers from all over the world express that privacy in the workplace is any issue found everywhere. 95% of them responded that working privately is important to them, but only 41% had the opportunity to do so, while 31% had to leave the office to get work completed.

Distractions Destroy

Studies also shown that on average, an employee lose 86 minutes a day due to distractions.

Highly Complex Tasks Become Challenging

It was particularly challenging to focus on complex tasks in an open plan office environment.

Open Office is More Expensive

Comparing the cost of productivity, the time lost due to distraction, and the health issue with the savings you receive from a more efficient office space, the savings is definitely a wiser decision.

How To Get Out From The Open Office Trauma?

Fill in The Space

Open plan offices have no walls to reduce the sound. Fill in the spaces with acoustic or sound- absorbing material or furniture to help in reducing the sound loudness.

Create Areas of Privacy

When it comes to open plan office, a simple phone call becomes difficult. Spaces for meetings, private conversations or individual focus, undisturbed works become a luxury�

There�s where Oasis developed a series of furniture that provide different types of activity support including phonebooth for private call as well as workpod for individual focus work.