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  • Feauturing What-Happen-When-120 Degree on RANZZA by ARTE COMO

  • Featuring newly-launched INFINITO by BUROSC

  • Interesting stuff to share huh

OASIS at MIFF 2014

Tick tock tick tock goes with clock; tick tock tick tock sits with OASIS.

At the MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE FAIR 2014, OASIS is inviting everyone to experience of the concept of 8+ HOURS HEALTHY SEATING.

"How you work, how we design the seating. There is always a seating to fit your work mode, like focus and collaborate. That's the value which we must deliver", said OASIS MANAGING DIRECTOR, MR RALPH ONG.
A balanced workplace drives more creative and innovative team,whereby employees may go wherever whenever they work throughout the 8+ HOURS at the office. Easy movement from seated to stand to make ideas flow in the air for sharing!

With the concept of 8+ HOURS HEALHTY SEATING, OASIS put lots of efforts with RND and Marketing team, making dream come true, whereby a range of 8+ HOURS HEALTHY SEATING is newly-released at MIFF 2014, supporting the 4 work modes (focus, collaborate, learn and socialize) with OASIS BRANDS of BUROSC, PERFECT U and OASIS PLATINUM as well as a new edition by ARTE COMO.

RANZZA is the new edition by ARTE COMO, supporting impromptu and unplanned meeting with the concept of 120 degree sitting posture.

  • Nice to meet you, OASIS welcomes everyone

  • The little global village on BRACCA By ARTE COMO

  • Understanding starts from listening, sofa is always the cozy choice

  • Seek & hide at BRACCA by ARTE COMO

  • Casual conversation around a table with casual design piece - HAYYA by ARTE COMO

  • Or the new way to sit and meet with RANZZA by ARTE COMO

Neighborhood allows people to effortlessly transition from individual work to collaborate group and social actives. People move and change positions naturally, inviting interaction and generously accommodate several people collaborating. At OASIS booth, you will never find sitting can be such interesting and communication can start wherever whenever.