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Oasis at MIFF 2015


Oasis at MIFF 2015

At the MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE FAIR 2015, OASIS is inviting everyone to experience of the concept of SITTING LIKE NO OTHER, demonstrating how products can shape individual office environments to corporate office for high performance. Integrated in these settings, visitors to the fair will find new products by BUROSC, PERFECT U and OASIS PLATINUM as well as a new edition by ARTE COMO. This year, OASIS plan lots of breakout zone, making a happy balanced work place.

  • Sharing OASIS concept by OASIS Managing Director, Mr Ralph Ong

  • Sharing HOW-SITTING-LIKE-NO-OTHER with Mice Creative Director, Mr. Matt Young by OASIS Operation Director, Mr. Natham Lam

  • Presenting ARTE COMO new edition 2015 by Product Designer – Sujak

  • The little global village at OASIS booth

  • Discovering – How materials are applied for 8+ Hours Seating At Work

  • Tired after long and fruitful journey at MIFF, let us make coffee with our care and love for you

  • Sharing to learn, learning to share

  • You may sit or stand for the impromtu meet with SIARRA by ARTE COMO

  • There is always a seating to support you when you need

  • High performance work chairs by BUROSC

  • Lounge sofa always the good choice for the fruitful yet cozy talk

  • Turning the Pop-Up Idea on the board

  • Sitting Like No Other, Don't You?

Featuring the OASIS concept – SITTING LIKE NO OTHER

You may find communication can happen every where you like! Planed or unplanned talk, big group or small group. Taking into OASIS's design philosophy, 8+ HOURS HEALTHY OFFICE SEATING is to support today's work style –"how you work, how we design", said OASIS MANAGING DIRECTOR, MR. ONG. There is always a seating to support you when you need, finding the varieties of lovely breakout zones at OASIS booth!

Oasis Product Designer, Suahana with her lovely design pieces – DREAMMI, DREAMMA and DREAMMI
(Right third to left)

"Understanding market needs and wants is very important when we are developing new products", advised by OASIS RND DIRECTOR, MR. LAM.

One of his team – SUAHANA has been putting lots of efforts, turning idea into pieces of designed task seating for generation Y market.