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Oasis at MIFF 2016


Oasis at MIFF 2016

At the MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE FAIR 2016. OASiS is enriching everyone with THE LIVEABLE OFFICE Concept, demonstrating how the best furniture can shape individual office environments to a mindfulness and wellbeing work zone.

Multi-generation at work has become a hot topic around the worldwide company; multinational companies tend to develop more and more work zone for the talents to share, to discuss, to brainstorm the best ideas and knowledge for higher achievement. THE LIVEABLE OFFICE in MIFF 2016 developed the space optimization for discussion and interaction spaces; somewhat a compensation to the shrinking sizes in personal workspace.

In MIFF 2016, OASiS was honored to be the main sponsor for International Buyer Lounge and we successfully built a wonderful WE PLACE with Shammal, Bracca, Siarra, Ranzza, Privva and Waka for international buyers to rest and communicate.

With the long effort, PRIVVA, the new products 2016 by Arte Como has gain the recognition and appreciation from public and thus PRIVVA won the Gold Award in MIFF 2016 Furniture Excellence Award.

OASiS feels grateful and we will continue the progressive path to coming up with the best 8+ Hours Healthy Seating Solution to lead the high performance workplace!