Ergonomically designed with ergo posture for maximum comfort. The high quality PU foam provides excellent support for the neck, back, lumbar and thighs, preventing strains and discomfort after long hours of sitting. 1. Seat height adjustment with high quality pneumatic gaslift.
2. Recliner tilt mechanism with position locking which provides pleasure in flexible and dynamic seating movement. BIFMA standard mechanism M24, M31 and M35).
3. Tension control adaptable to body weight.
The locking structure is simple yet strong, making your experience a tool-free, quick and safe one.

Packed one piece per carton (C1), the backrest of the chair can easily be folded, saves you time for installation.

M35-Heavy Duty Knee Tilt Mechanism
BIFMA standard heavy duty knee tilt mechanism with 5 position locking.
M31-Recliner Tilt Locking Mechanism
BIRMA standard recliner tilt mechanism with any position locking.
M24-Recliner Tilt Mechanism
BIFMA standard recliner tilt mechanism with 1 seat locking position.

BC3 Base + R1 Roller
BIFMA standard die cast aluminium polished base 700mm in diameter (BC3) with 50mm nylon castor (R1).
NB5 Base + R1 Roller
With BIFMA standard nylon flat base 700mm in diameter (NB5) with 50mm nylon castor (R1).
Gaslift with Class 3 DIN Standard.

With metal mhrome mantilever base (CC1).
With epoxy black cantilever bae (CE5).