1. Lfi right-hand lever up to adjust the seat height.
2. Push down the left-hand lever to lock the seat position. Pull up the lever to unlock.
3. Turn the tension control knob clockwise or anti clockwise according to your body weight.
M7-E-Pron Synchron Mechanism
The E-pron synchron mechanism with 5 positions locking which allows the seatrest and backrest to tilt at the same time with the potential of stabilization, anti shock system.
M21-Recliner Synchron Mechanism
With 1 seat position locking. Provide preogressive counter pressure when reclining and personal tension adjustment to suit user's individual body weight. All adjustment elements and levers easily accessible and to operate.

AL3P-Aluminium Chrome Armrest
Chrome arms with soft padding that provide comfortable resting place for the arms and hands.
CH1 Base + R2 Roller
Sleek aluminium base with 60mm nylon castor (R2).
MC-1-Chrome Sledge Base
Metal Chrome Base with 50mm nylon castor (R1).

CC27-Chrome Sledge Base
Highly durable chrome sledge base with outside diameter of 32mm.