1. Lift right-hand lever up to adjust the seat height.
2. Push down the left-hand lever to lock the seat position. Pull up the lever to unlock.
3. The lumbar height adjustment is designed to provide an ergonomic back support that suits individuals of different height. Shift the lumbar support upwards and downwards to the most comfortable position.
4. Headrest with angle adjustment that provide ergonomic support for the neck to prevent cervical strains.
The width adjustment arm provides an ample scape of width adjustment which to accomodate end-user's body shape. The adjustment of seat depth provides a personal ergonomics comfort for individuals with different upper leg length.

105A-Adjustable Armrest
With height adjustable, forward and backward function & rotary armpad for the user to rest the arms comfortably at different required positions.
M58-Limiting Tilting Mechanism
The Limiting tilting mechanism keeps your back in a fixed position relaitve to the seat. This allows the pelvis to remain stable and your overall posture to stay in a positive position.
71A-Adjustable Armrest
Height adjustable armrest with PP padding pn top to provide comfortable resting position for the arms.

M27-Recliner Synchron Mechanism
With any position locking. Provide progressive counter pressure when reclining and personal tension adjustment to suit user indivisual body weight. All adjustment elements and levers easliy accessible and easy to handle.
CH2 Base + R2 Roller
Sleek aluminium base with R2 60mm nylon castor.
NH3 Base + R2 Roller
Sleek aluminium base with R2 60mm nylon castor.

CC50-Cantilever Base
With metal chrome cantilever base.