1. Lift right-hand lever up to adjust the seat height.
2. Push down the left-hand lever to lock the seat position. Pull up the lever to unlock.
3. Turn the tension control knob clockwise or anti clockwise according to your body weight.
Wing Armrest
Unique wing armrests with soft padding that provide comfortable resting place for the arms and hands.
M55B145 - Synchron Mechanism
With 5 position locking that allows the seatrest and backrest to tilit at the same time with the potential of stabilization, antipanic system plus tension control.

BW1-Wooden Base + R1 Roller
Classic wooden base with 50mm nylon castor (R1).
BC3-Aluminium Polished Base + R1 Roller
Sleek aluminium base with 50mm nylon castor (R1).