Silento Pod, the solution for ideas incubator. Sometimes we just need a lil space by our own or our team for a focus brainstorming splash. Here comes the solution! Enjoy the mindfulness, technology and air flow that we need with Silento, whilst keeping alert to the workplace surrounding with the transparent glass feature. With exterior panels upholstered with fabric, Silento makes the office ambience softer.

Specially engineered with sound acoustic material, treatment and construction to control the surrounding sound, able to reach Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 40 of a busy office, which is perfectly suitable for private conversations and phone calls. Silento is good at keeping your conversations from reaching to others.

Silento is equipped with fully automated smart air circulation as well as light-emitting diode (LED) system which helps in keeping the environment comfortable for long hours use. Besides, Silento comes with the technology support for power socket as well as USB charger to ease information and data sharing flow during connection.

Silento is specially tailored with various sizes, Picco Spazio, Medio Spazio, Grande Spazio and Eno Spazio. All these sizes are featured with functionality for various activities including personal phonecall, focused work, small team discussion, HR interview or even video conferencing. Keep out, work on the extraordinary stuff.