Contoured foam and lumbar supports to provide horizontal and lateral lower back support, reduces back strain and helps prevent further deterioration of back illness. Contoured foam and waterfall seat provides human body free from pressure points that helps promote better blood circulation to the lower legs. Back height adjustment to provides added support for the lower back to ensure good posture.

M1 (Optional Mechanism)
Two level control mechanism for height adjustment and back rake movement.
M3 (Optional Mechanism)
Three level independent mechanism for height adjustment back rake movement and seat rake movement.
51A (Optional Armrest)
Height adjustable armrest.

81A (Optional Armrest)
Height adjustable armrest.
18A (Optional Armrest)
Fixed Armrest.
Optional Roller
Heavy Duty Nylon Castor for Carpet Flooring (Standard).

Optional Roller
Durable Glider for Sturdy Support (Optional).CODE: GLD.