Know Something About Oasis Platinum

75% of workforce in Asian are not engaged?

Gallup research found that 75% of employees in Asian were not engaged in their work.(Gallup’s ‘State of the Global Workforce’)Research show that East Asian are in the lowest engagement levels. In China and Japan, only 6% of employees who feel engaged in their daily routine. In South Korea and Taiwan, the percentage of employees engagement only 7%, while in Hong Kong only 5% of employees engaged in their jobs. This shows that East Asian workers were the least likely to like what they are doing everyday.Globally, only 15% of workers are engaged in their jobs. Those found to be disengaged will more likely to be emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and will be less likely to perform better performance in their work. Workplace amenities and ambience are critical in keeping employees happy and engage in their work, it is more important to ensure that employees are provided with facilities that would make them look forward to come to office everyday.

Why Oasis Platinum?

Design For People

Oasis Platinum provide a range of office furniture with ABWx office solution and office chair. The Activity Based Working Office comprise of People x Place x Technology. By creating an ABWx workplace, employees can work not only in one place only, but can work and move in everywhere, anytime, and work more flexible. Young generations today prefer to work in a workplace that can reflect their personal sensibilities compare to conventional workplace. They don’t like to work in a boredom workplace. Research indicates that improving the working environment can reduces complaints and absenteeism while increasing productivity (Roelofsen, 2002).Wells (2000) states that workplace satisfaction has been associated with job satisfaction.

More Liveable Office

At Oasis Platinum, we not only design ergonomic chair, we also design working zone for collaborate, privacy, learn, and socialize. Office furniture that design under Oasis Platinum help to solve space problem by creating a limited workplace with different zone. The ergonomic chair under Oasis Platinum all with high quality, more comfortable, and look more luxurious. By complement ergonomic chair with ABW office solution furniture under Oasis Platinum brand, sure will create a workplace that can increase the productivity and employee engagement in work. We believe that Oasis Platinum will make your workplace to be more productive and attractive for employees to work. Lets choose and design the furniture to make your workplace to be more fun and enjoyable.