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Ti Collection - TIMORO



Superbly crafted, distinct styling and classic looks, the TIPOVO executive chair is an eye catcher. Its unique zig-zag grey mesh lines exudes style and the double layers provide double comfort seating. Designed along the Titanium grey concept for durability and  reliability, the BIFMA tested chair is not only solid but safe too. TIPOVO is a handsome masterpiece.


A good office environment beckons a conducive working environment. What  chair fits your office staffs? If you are looking for one, look no further. POVO, the ergonomically designed chair is at hand. The ergonomic chair features a grey mesh contoured backrest combined with BIFMA tested components. The chair comes with Titanium grey concept with safety, durability and strength in  design. This combination of ergonomics and reliability provides superior lower back support and superior comfort. POVO the chair that blends the office and fittingly ideal for the staffs.


The TIRAVO chair epitomises a well thought out design that allows for form and function, versatility and practicality. Designed with care, TIRAVO ergonomic features includes ideal lumbar support and neck support to ensure perfect comfort. Built along the Titanium grey concept, it is solid, strong, durable and BIFMA tested for safety. The grey mesh backrest adds beauty to the sturdy and solid chair.


Designed with the intention for comfort of the office staffs, RAVO chair boasts  as a  seat  that is simultaneously strong and pleasant. It is  BIFMA tested for its assurance in quality, durability and reliability. The seatback with the grey mesh safety seatbelt-like-design invokes a sense of security and protection. This Titanium grey concept marvel offers not only comfort seating but also an environment of equality at work.


Liven up your office with this master-crafted ‘WITINO’ chair! Designed with care, the office chair features double layers for double comfort. The wrinkled surface adds extra comfort with ergonomic functionality and safety. Adding to its beauty, the chair is also versatile for users. Based on the titanium concept, the chair is light in weight providing flexibility and mobility at ease cum durability.  BIFMA tested, ‘WITINO’ conforms to its specifications and offers more than 8 hours of comfort seating. It is a chair that offers comfort, style and security.


‘WINO’, specially featured for modern office! This professional ergonomic chair features a thickly-padded contoured seat with moulded mesh back and built-in lumbar support for optimal comfort. With WINO ergonomic chair, you can get your work done without worrying about back pains and it allows you to sit in comfort all day long. Highly durable, it comes with a wide range of beautiful colours to choose from and Its components are BIFMA tested to ensure safety and security while seating. ‘WINO' presents a remarkable look and reflects great value with safety comfort.


Adding to the stable of products under the SUPERB Brand in the product line of Titanium Grey series, is TANO, the second leather chair in its series. This elegant and fabulous leather chair was ergonomically crafted to keep you not only comfortable but safe in an office setting.

This leather chair is ideal for the showroom and project markets where it is value for money. TANO comes with a full range of chairs from high back to low back as well as visitor. This fabulous and elegant chair is not only affordable but has all the desired safety features.


TITAZO….Oasis's latest leather chair under the Superb Brand, definitely is a sight to behold. Developed along with the Titanium Grey Series, this gorgeous, leather executive chair was ergonomically crafted to keep you comfortable in an office setting. The chair features Titanium Grey armrests and base which exudes elegance, luxury and comes with a full range of chairs from high back to low back as well as visitor.

Synonymous to the high quality of Titanium, TITAZO is simply irresistible!